Today on #wildcatscaughtdoinggood we’d like to recognize Emily Roth. Emily found a wallet on the ground by the side of a teacher’s car, after school. It apparently had been there since early that morning when the teacher had gotten out of the car in the dark. Emily immediately turned it in to another teacher, who then found THE teacher who the wallet belonged to and gave it back . Nothing was missing (you know how valuable all the cards, license, etc. are in a woman's wallet)!!  You cannot find a better example of #thewildcatway and character of a student than when they do the right thing even when no one is watching or would have known about the wallet.  Many thanks and kuddos to Emily -- she saved the teacher an enormous amount of time and effort if they had to replace everything in the wallet.  Emily went way beyond "caught doing good"!! Way to go Emily we are #centralproud.