Today on #wildcatscaught doing good …  there is a group of Wildcats on campus that you may not know about- they are called "The Wildcat Winners”. 

As a part of their transition employment class, this group travels every Tuesday and Thursday to the Baton Rouge Food Bank to volunteer their time and efforts as part of their vocational training as they work towards gainful employment in their community. At the food bank, this group has become known as "The A Team" because supervisors there have noticed the diligent work ethic and attention to detail shown by this group on a consistent basis. In fact, these Wildcats have been so outstanding that they have been invited to the Baton Rouge Food Bank Annual Crawfish Boil Next month to recognize them as the TOP High School group for 2022-23! We are #CentralProud of The A Team and we know that they will continue to represent our school with the respect they exhibit every day … #thewildcatway … way to go Wildcat Winners