Strong Start 2020

July 20, 2020
CCSS Family,
We have updated our Strong Start: Return to School Plan and would like to share that with you. We have spent many hours developing protocols to keep our students and staff safe upon our return to school. This will be a living document that will be updated as new information becomes available.
As you may be aware, the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) met last week to adopt minimum requirements for schools to reopen as required in Act 9 (House Bill 59). You can read the requirements that BESE adopted by clicking here.
For the safety of our students and staff and at the advice of our attorneys, we are required to follow the BESE minimum requirements. In the accompanying Strong Start document, you can view our comprehensive plan for reopening schools. Here are a few highlights:
  • Face coverings: Based on the BESE minimum requirements for reopening schools, all students in grades 3 – 12 will be required to wear face coverings while in our school buildings. Students in grades PreK – 2 will not be required to wear face coverings, but may do so if they choose. All face coverings should be school appropriate, as referenced in the student handbook. Face coverings should not be derogatory, offensive, political in nature, or distracting to the school environment as determined by school administration.
  • We have outlined what happens if a student or teacher tests positive for COVID-19.
  • We address that while water fountains will not be operational for regular student use, we are retrofitting several water fountains at each school with bottle fillers. Students will be allowed to bring water bottles to school.
  • We outline generic school protocols, including PE / locker rooms, recess, and ancillaries / electives. We will further refine these protocols over the coming days.
  • Please be aware that the last day to apply for our virtual program is Wednesday, July 22nd. We included specific information regarding the virtual program in our Strong Start: Return to School Plan below, and you can access the virtual program handbook and apply for the virtual program by clicking here.
  • Finally, the first two days of school will be staggered following the schedule below. Beginning Monday, August 10, we will follow the regular schedule as outlined in the Strong Start document.
Boys on Thursday, 8/6; Girls on Friday, 8/7
1st grade on Thursday, 8/6; 2nd grade on Friday, 8/7
Last names A-K on Thursday, 8/6; L-Z on Friday, 8/7
Last names A-K on Thursday, 8/6; L-Z on Friday, 8/7
Last names L-Z on Thursday and Friday, 8/6-8/7
Last names A-K on Monday and Tuesday 8/10-8/11
We will continue to update this document. Please check the cover to make sure you have the latest release.
Also, we would like your comments and feedback. By clicking here, you will be taken to a page to share your comments. Additionally, you will be able to leave information if you would like someone to contact you. We promise to read every comment as we continue to make adjustments. As we receive comments, we will produce a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to share with parents.
Please know that our number one priority is the safety of our students and staff. We believe that our plan affords the opportunity for parents to choose the best option for their child. We want to make you proud of your school system during this challenging time.
Thank you,
Jason Fountain, Superintendent