School Board Committees

In order to handle the large amount of information acted upon by the school board, individual board members are assigned to specific committees. These committees meet when needed on the last Monday of the month. Committees make recommendations to the full board which are acted upon at our regular board meetings (the second Monday of each month).

Curriculum / Instruction / Accountability / Student Services Committee

Chair: Nick Carmena

Board Members: Jason Leaphart, Carol Norwood

Community Member: Karla Miller

Description: The Curriculum / Instruction / Accountability / Student Services Committee addresses the Pupil Progression Plan, Student Handbook, and yearly approval of the School Calendar.

Facilities / Equipment Committee

Chair: Dr. David Walker

Board Members: Nick Carmena, Jason Leaphart

Community Member: Ray Ashford

Description: The Facilities / Equipment Committee addresses all issues pertaining to facilities. This may include Cooperative Endeavor Agreements (CEAs), construction projects, facility improvements, and other items involving facility usage and management.

Finance Committee

Chair: Michael Hooper

Board Members: Mike Davis, David Walker

Community Member: Lisa Rankin

Description: The Finance Committee addresses any financial issues, including budgets, funding for new positions, and salary schedules.

Human Resources / Policies Committee

Chair: Carol Norwood

Board Members: Mike Davis, Michael Hooper

Community Member: Leah Veck

Description: The Human Resources / Policies Committee addresses policy questions, and also approves new positions.