Welcome Message – January 1, 2018

It is a pleasure to serve as the Superintendent of the Central Community School System. Please visit this page frequently for updates on our journey to World Class status. During my candidacy for the Superintendent position, I presented a document to school board members outlining a 6-month plan as I transition into my new position. This plan included focus areas for the first half of 2018 as we plan for the 2018-2019 school year.

Below are the focus areas with actions that I presented to the school board. I will be updating this page to denote the progress we are making on these focus areas.

Student Achievement: Align every system in our district to promote student achievement.
  • Review financial and material resources in light of their impact on student achievement.
  • Evaluate current academic programs for their impact on individual student growth.
  • Establish what student data to track, how frequently, and determine how it will be used.
  • Develop surveys for students to assess their feelings about our schools.
  • Construct a plan for how often and what instrument(s) to use in surveying our students.
Policy & Governance: Establish strong relationships with the school board to guide the governance of our district.
  • Plan one-on-one meetings with school board members during the first month.
  • Hold a board retreat during the January to lay out a plan for 2018.
  • Develop a strong working relationship with the board through committee meetings.
  • Utilize a strong communication plan with board members.
Strategic Planning: Develop a 5-year plan to inspire, guide, and focus our efforts.
  • Hire a consultant to partner with to develop a 5-year plan for our district.
  • Determine district and community stakeholders to participate in developing the 5-year plan.
  • Define a timeline for completing the development of the 5-year plan.
  • Through this process, define our student achievement goals, develop a master facilities plan, and develop a plan to build community relations.
  • Create displays (physical and electronic) for the 5-year plan.
Communications & Community Relations: Develop a communications plan to tell the CCSS story and promote our achievements.
  • Hire a consultant to assist with developing a communications plan for the district.
  • Conduct individual meetings with each principal during the first month.
  • Meet with teacher leadership at each school.
  • Convene with key community stakeholders to develop partnerships and alliances.
  • Develop and implement surveys for parents and community stakeholders to assess their views of our school system.
Fiscal Responsibility: Review every facet of the CCSS budget to be certain of alignment to student achievement goals.
  • Review all discretionary spending to determine alignment to student achievement goals.
  • As part of the five-year strategic plan, develop a master facilities plan.
  • Develop the 2018-2019 district budget, using our five-year strategic plan as a guide.
  • Audit each school’s personnel and the impact on the overall budget.
Systems Alignment: Review all systems of the district for alignment to student achievement goals.
  • Begin developing a strong leadership team for the district.
  • Meet with each Director during the first week in January.
  • Develop operational definitions for each department, including metrics.
  • Assess Central Office processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Define non-negotiable guidelines for each school in our system.
  • Work with principals to assist them in developing a plan within this non-negotiable framework (defined autonomy).
  • Develop one-page plans for directors, coordinators, and principals.
  • Develop school-level plans with metrics for 2018-2019.
Culture: Create an amazing culture for our teachers, administrators, and support staff. Make CCSS the premiere educational workplace in the state of Louisiana.
  • Define the key cultural elements to create a great environment for our staff members.
  • Develop monthly surveys for our employees to gauge their job satisfaction.
  • Create systems to recognize and reward outstanding employees.
  • Communicate appreciation for all employees through multiple means.
  • Build culture through open and transparent communications with employees.

I am very excited about the challenge that lies before us. The Central Community School System is a true community organization. Born of a desire to forge our own path, the citizens of Central were the catalysts in beginning our system. Our goal is to create a World Class organization in every aspect – academics, the arts, and athletics. The citizens of Central are willing to invest in our educational system if they know it is World Class.

Together, we will continue to create the very best schools for the children of Central. Mary Lee Dunham (Central schools and University Lab School teacher) said it best in a 1935 speech in reference to Central schools: “It is not of mushroom growth. It has not sprung up overnight. It is a result of coordinated effort on the part of many working through the years. It is an opportunity and heritage left to the youth of this community by their elders who have lovingly placed in it some of the consecration of their own lives. To the young people of the school: the challenge is yours to go on.”

Please do not hesitate to contact me at It is an honor to be your school Superintendent.

Jason Fountain, Ed.D.

Superintendent's Bio

Dr. Jason Fountain, who has been an educator in the Central Community School System since 2009, has spent over twenty years impacting the lives of students.

Fountain started his teaching career at Bay Minette Middle School in Bay Minette, Alabama, as a 7th grade math teacher in 1995. He continued in that position until 2002 when he made a transition to working with student-athletes at the collegiate level. After a brief stint as a graduate assistant at his alma mater, Troy University, Fountain began work as an academic advisor for student-athletes at Mississippi State University in December 2002. A year later, Fountain began working at Florida State University as the academic advisor for football, soccer, and softball. In 2006, Fountain moved to Baton Rouge to work at Louisiana State University as the academic advisor for football student-athletes, where he coordinated academic services for the 2007 National Championship football team. He continued in this capacity through the end of 2008.

In January 2009, Fountain began serving as assistant principal at Tanglewood Elementary School. He remained in that position until July 2012 when he was named co-principal at Central Middle School. Beginning in 2013, Fountain served as the sole principal for the next three years. During this time, Central Middle School earned and maintained an “A” rating as determined by the Louisiana Department of Education.

In July 2016, Fountain moved to the Central Office as Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction. During this time, the District revamped its Discipline Center, rebranded and relaunched the Virtual Academy, and implemented the Eureka math curriculum in grades k-8.

Fountain began serving as the second Superintendent of the Central Community School System in January 2018.

Fountain grew up in a small town in south Alabama (East Brewton). He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Troy University, a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics Education from Athens State University, a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the University of South Alabama, and an Educational Doctorate from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. Fountain is married to the former Aimie Chapman from Central, and the couple has two children, Ainsley and Jase.

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