Central Schools Remain Strong in 2017 LEAP Preliminary Results

On Wednesday, July 12, the Louisiana Department of Education released preliminary district and school summary reports reflecting the percentage of students at each achievement level on LEAP. LEAP has five achievement levels: Advanced, Mastery, Basic, Approaching Basic, and Unsatisfactory.

These results include performance on English Language Arts, mathematics, and science tests for third through eighth graders; social studies results will be released in the fall. After the release of social studies scores, the Department of Education will publish performance scores, which are commonly used to rate and rank Louisiana schools and districts. Central’s 2016 District Performance Score ranked second in the state.

In 2015, Central Community School System ranked seventh in Louisiana in the percentage of students scoring above Basic with 41% of students scoring Advanced or Mastery. This percentage increased to 46% in 2016 as the district climbed into fourth in the state using this metric. Despite the flood, Central’s percentage increased again in 2017 to 47%. This three year growth of 6% is the highest of any of the top ten performing Louisiana school districts.

Over 60% of Central students scored Mastery or above in third grade mathematics and English Language Arts, as well as eighth grade English Language Arts. Additionally, Central students ranked second in the state in fifth grade science, sixth grade mathematics, and eighth grade English Language Arts.

In a prepared statement the Department of Education announced, “Statewide, historically disadvantaged students are improving in ELA, math, and science, but their overall performance and rate of improvement remain lower than that of their peers. A handful of school systems are leading the way in closing these achievement gaps among historically disadvantaged students and their peers in ELA, math, and science.”

Central is one of the “handful of school systems” leading the way. LDOE highlighted Central as the second ranked district in growth for economically disadvantaged students. Also, of the five districts recognized, the 42% of economically disadvantaged Central students scoring Mastery and above outpaced the closest district by nine points.

Parents may view their student’s LEAP scores in the Parent Command Center or request a more detailed paper copy from their child's school. The Department of Education has published a Parent Guide to the LEAP Student Reports to help parents understand all the information presented.

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