Non-Public & Home Study Testing Procedure

Frequently Asked Questions
Public School Districts Testing Students Enrolled in a
BESE-approved Home Study Program (2021-22)


1. Do public school districts have to test students in a BESE-approved home study program?
Yes. State law requires that home study students be provided access to state tests. Public school districts must offer testing to home study students for LEAP 2025 testing when it is requested. Central Community School System offers testing to home study students for LEAP 2025 testing by parent/guardian request. Please contact Scott Hood ( or 225-262-1919) in order to request testing. Districts can charge up to $35.00 for testing; however, if the student enrolls in the district in the fall, the testing fee should be returned to the family. CCSS does not charge a fee for testing, regardless of future enrollment. No payment is required by DRC for home study students and a participation form does not need to be submitted to DRC.

2. Can public school districts apply a deadline or requirements for testing?
Yes. Districts can set up an application process with a deadline in order to meet any special requirements such as accommodations and to plan for needed materials and technology. The deadline for applying to test with CCSS for the 2021-22 school year is Thursday, April 1, 2022.

3. Can public school districts determine where and when students are tested?
Yes. Districts can decide where students are tested and when they are tested within the LDOE-approved testing window. Students must test at the school which the students would attend if they attended CCSS schools. Tests will be conducted during the school’s scheduled testing window. These windows are defined on the district’s assessment calendar. For more detailed information about when each grade level is testing in each subject area, contact the school. When adding home study students in eDIRECT districts/schools should use the 998 site code. The LASID for home study students is the SSN with a leading “0” unless there is a pre-existing LASID available to the district.

4. How are test results for home study students reported?
Test reports will be posted with other student reports in eDIRECT and should be provided to parents using the district’s policy for distribution (i.e. mail, direct pickup). Test results can be obtained via email by emailing Scott Hood ( If you would prefer to directly pick up physical copies of test scores, you may call Scott Hood at (225) 262-1919 to schedule a time to pick them up. Since these students are not enrolled in the district or a school, the scores for students enrolled in a home study program will not count in the SPS or DPS. If students are uploaded incorrectly using a school site code, their scores will be included in assessment reporting, such as assessment media reports.