Welcome to the Central Community School System Department page.

The links in this area should provide you with helpful information about the contacts and functions of the various departments that make up our district.


The Business Department oversees the financial resources available to the district and ensures maximum use of those resources. Areas of the Business Department include accounting, grants, inventory control, payroll, and purchasing.

Child Nutrition is responsible for all cafeteria operations including preparation of breakfast and lunch at each location. This department also provides meals for the Pre-K program and summer feeding programs.

The Curriculum, Instruction, and Accountability department supports student achievement by providing assistance, guidance, and training in assessments, curriculum, instruction, instructional technology, and school action planning. In addition, the department develops and implements state and federal grant projects and ensures compliance of state mandates. Responsible for the development of the district Pupil Progression Plan.

The Federal Programs Department assists schools in addressing certification, teacher quality, professional development, and leadership development needs. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is a federal grant program supporting quality education and accountability.

Health Services/ School Nurses include required immunizations, medications policies and procedures, health appraisals, physicals, hearing and vision and scoliosis screenings, communicable diseases, and training staff on handling students with special needs.

Human Resources engage in recruitment of highly skilled employees. Areas of the Human Resources Department include recruitment, staff development, employee processing, benefits and risk management and safety.

Operational Services oversees and maintains the schools. Establishes and monitors systems and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable policies, laws, and regulations. Areas of responsibility may include safety, grounds, and/or other maintenance and operations functions.

The Special Programs Department includes identification and instructional programming for students with disabilities, gifted and/or talented students, Plan 504 students and English Language Learners. We are committed to providing a free and appropriate education to all students.

Student Services is responsible for the general supervision of the system's transportation, textbook, and building/grounds program. Works with parents, school personnel, and the individual student to help correct problems in a student's life that interferes with satisfactory school adjustment, academic achievement, or school attendance.

The Technology department's mission is to provide an infrastructure and service-oriented environment in which student success is enhanced through a set of information age tools and skills accessible by all members of our interdependent, technology-linked learning community.