Tanglewood P.E. Students Aim High

Tanglewood P.E. Students Aim High

Tanglewood students are working as a team to slingshot balls to reach their maximum distance. Once all 3 students have had a turn, they run and retrieve their ball as exercise to shoot them again.

Another activity students have been enjoying is Omnikin ball (“big ball”). The students work as a team to roll the ball around in a circle as fast as possible as their coach keeps the time. They compete against the other classes for lowest time. The kids have also been playing a game called “tag the planet” where one student will chase the ball as the rest of the class hits the it around the circle to keep it away from them.

District News

Donut Day at CMS

Doughnut Day at CCSS! Thank you to Bellingrath Pharmacy for sponsoring this event. We love our community partners.

CHS Talented Visual Artwork

CHS Talented Visual Arts students produce a variety of artworks that stretch their skills and creativity while incorporating fundamentals of design, such as line, shape, form, value, pattern, and color, to create engaging compositions.

CHS Football Players Earn All-District Honors

Drew Lasseigne and Keenan Leachman were named to the All-District First Team. Kaleb Batiste, Parker Evans, and J'Airus Moore garnered Second Team honors. Additionally, a number of student-athletes were awarded honorable mention.