Bellingrath Students Enjoy P.E.

Bellingrath Students Enjoy P.E.

These students are learning so many new things in P.E class since this is many of our children's very first experience in a physical setting. So far this year, we have learned our locomotor skills, gross motor skills, and even some fine motor skills. These students have a blast in P.E class learning all of the fundamentals of each sport. We take the most important and the easiest concepts from each sport and teach them in an age appropriate manner. We also learn parachuting, ice skating, soccer, scooters, field hockey, tag games, fitness jumping, and mileage club activities.

District News

CHS Graduation 2018 Information

The CHS graduation will be held on May 22 at SELU at 7:00 pm. Mandatory practice for graduates will be on May 21st, from 9-11 am. Continue reading to see more details, handicapped access at the site, and prohibited items/behaviors at graduation.

Donut Day at CMS

Doughnut Day at CCSS! Thank you to Bellingrath Pharmacy for sponsoring this event. We love our community partners.

CHS Talented Visual Artwork

CHS Talented Visual Arts students produce a variety of artworks that stretch their skills and creativity while incorporating fundamentals of design, such as line, shape, form, value, pattern, and color, to create engaging compositions.