Standing Committees

Standing Committees

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The school board believes committees can be useful in the decision making process and 
in the conduction of board business.  By using a board committee structure, the board is 
able to conduct its business in an efficient and effective manner, study issues facing the 
system more in depth, and take more ownership in things happening in the system.  The 
committee structure is designed to assist the board in the conducting of board business; it 
is not intended to take away a board member’s opportunity to ask questions or to 
involved in the decision making process.

Standing Committee Policy


Dr. David Walker, Chair
Mr. Jim Lloyd
Dr. James Gardner
Mr. Willard Easley
Dr. Keith Holmes
Michael Hooper

 Human Resources/Policies(Agendas)

Ms. Sharon Browning, Chair
Mr. Ronnie Devall
Ms. Roxanne Atkinson
Mr. Willard Easley
Dr. Brenda Dixon

 Student Services(Agendas)

Ms. Roxanne Atkinson, Chair
Ms. Sharon Browning
Dr. David Walker
Ms. Kim Nijoka
Ms. Stacy Doucet

 Facilities/Equipment- (Agendas)

Mr. Jim Lloyd, Chair 
Mr. Willard Easley
Dr. David Walker
Mr. Byron Clinkingbeard
Mr. Ray Ashford

 Curriculum/Instruction/Accountability- (Agendas)

Dr. James Gardner, Chair
Ms. Sharon Browning
Ms. Roxanne Atkinson
Mr. Jim Lloyd
Ms. Cyndi Rutter
Ms. Leslie Cassell
Ms. Heidi Wendt
Ms. Amy Huber
Ms. Annette Bourgeois

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