2017 LEAP Testing
As state testing approaches, please reinforce with your children the importance of trying their best each day in their classes. It is highly important that they attend school every day and be on time. Additionally, please help your children get a good night of sleep and keep their mornings before school calm and routine. What you do with your children at home impacts their performance at school, and we appreciate your help in making sure our children are set up for success.
Students in grades 5-8 must be tested online with the LEAP Computer-Based Test (CBT). Students in grades 3-4 are tested with paper and pencil with the LEAP Paper-Based Test (PBT). The science test does not have a computer-based form yet, so it is also a paper-based test for all grades and must be given May 5.
For more information from the Louisiana Department of Education about the 2017 LEAP test, please view the Parent Guide to LEAP 2025 Tests.
The calendars below depict when each student is testing. The calendars are broken down by grade level, and the last one is a master district calendar that shows all grades in one view.

3rd-4th Grade Calendar

5th Grade Calendar

6th-8th Grade Calendar

3rd-8th Grade Calendar (all testing calendars in one view)

If you have any questions about LEAP testing, please contact your child’s school.


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