HVAC Service


A vendor has requested the following information:

"I was wondering if you can share some information with me.
The GCA contract that included both Custodial and HVAC . Could you please share the value of that Contract. Split out if Possible
Jan had previously Advised that this is the 1st year that it is split out on its own .
So We are doing our homework and dotting our I’s and Crossing our T’s . "

 We are unable to split out the amounts from Maintenance and HVAC, but the answer to their question is below.
The amounts paid to GCA for the 2016-2017 fiscal year for maintenance AND HVAC are:
Bellingrath $ 3,820
Tangelwood $ 3,821.47
Central middle $ 11,479.41
Central High $ 14,907.64
Central Intermediate $ 8,280.53
School Board OFfice $ 1,056.91
Maintenance Bldg $ 231.63

This current bid is ONLY FOR HVAC.
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